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Royal Visit to Morocco: Charles and Camilla visit Fez Synagogue

My girlfriend Michelle Huberman has the Royal scoop in today’s Jerusalem Post, read it here


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Jewish News! Read all about it…. if you can find a copy.

Thursday night in Golders Green Road is like a Saturday afternoon in Brent Cross. The section between Hoop Lane and the Library is bustling like some Marrakesh street market. The food shops and restaurants are all open and drivers are double parking whilst someone runs in for a challah. Or they’re circling around looking for parking spaces. The amount of 3 point turns from these people-carriers in The Ridings is crazy. Does nobody know it’s a dead end street?And there’s rarely a parking space there. Gina once parked in this road, and came back to find a dent on the side of her car, obviously from a three-point-turner. Fortunately the man who’d dented it left a note and paid for the damages. There is still correct behaviour in Golders Green.

Gina’s quest tonight is to find the Jewish News. Dear reader there is an alternative to the JC. A much more heimeshe paper. It’s pro-Israel, it’s free and only available from those blue newspaper boxes. There are several straddled down Golders Green Road and also inside the kosher delis. It comes out on a Thursday evening and trying to get a copy after 9.30pm seems like an impossibility. It reminds me of those days of hunting from one toy shop to another to find a teletubbie for my toddler when everywhere had sold out. “Excuse me” I ask in the Kosher Deli – at 10pm “any Jewish News’s left?” No, no… last one went ages ago. What can I do? I have to get a copy because a friend of mine is in it.

Is this part of some marketing plan? Selling out early like on the QVC Shopping Channel? Or is it because my friend Michelle Huberman has told too many people about her first opinion editorial in the Jewish News? Has she made a rush on the papers?  I received her e-mail last night that she was in The Jerusalem Post and the Jewish News writing about her experience at SOAS.

I shlap from Carmelli’s to the station and back again on the other side. Well dear reader, I have come back empty handed. I know the Jewish News is available¬† online, but the format makes it really difficult to find the page. You have to keep clicking over the page flipper thing – and then when you find the page you want to read you have to magnify it, and then whoosh… it shrinks back just as you’re trying to read the 2nd half. If you have the patience to struggle through this – she’s on page 17 – it’s a great read, otherwise read it on the JPost.

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