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Kiss n Tell: The Tchenguiz brothers

I see that another one of my ex-boyfriends has been arrested – Robbie Tchenguiz, caught up in some Icelandic bank fraud.¬† Not that he was a proper boyfriend, he wasn’t really interested in petite, brunette girls from North London when all the wispy, blondies lay themselves at his feet. In those days we’d describe them as shiksas, but Gina is very pc now and doesn’t use the ‘s’ word (unless she’s got a glass of champagne in one hand).

We used to hang out together in the 80’s in Morton’s and Tramp. Us north London gals had been programmed to date only Jewish boys. The fodder that was available to us were IDB’s (in daddy’s business). They were normally pale, plump and incapable of changing a plug. They may have had the money to wine and dine us, but they were dead boring. That’s when we discovered the Israelis. They were lean, sexy, could change the tyre on your car, and… they were Jewish! How could our Dads’ complain? (I will write more about this in future posts).

But the Tchenguiz brothers were different. They were Iranian Jews. Very closed. Most of their marriages arranged at a young age with other Iranian Jews. Marrying Ashkenaze like us would have been as bad as marrying out. But as these boys had money, too much, they could play around as much as they wanted. I remember when we used to be at Tramp, they’d just have champagne on tap for everybody, and drugs as well if you wanted them. And London was full of pretty opportunist¬† girls from Northern towns, just waiting to get their clutches on these guys. I remember Vince and Robbie having a different blonde for every night of the week. Robbie eventually married Heather Bird after she had his baby. Did she convert?

It comes as no surprise that they’ve ended up inside. They lived life dangerously. Always high on coke.¬† I wonder if they’d like a prison visit from an old friend from the past?


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