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Ex-husband number 2 has just made Aliyah. We’re still great friends and he’s not missing London at all, other than his daughters. One with me and the other with wife number 1. I’m his connection with his old world and he loves hearing my view of life in north-west London.  He’s encouraged me to write this blog. It was probably my take on London life that made him want to return to Israel, the land of his birth, but fate brought him to London in his teens.

I’m not sure myself why I’m in London? I’m seriously thinking of making Aliyah too. Probably having a nice business and elderly parents here is what holds me. But the Jewish community in London is changing. So many of them seem to think that 2 weeks  in Herzylia makes them an expert on Israeli government policy.  They’ve all caught the same mantra – “there’s no peace because of the current Israeli government.”  Most of them haven’t a clue who’s even in the Israeli government.

They all love Israel, but most don’t like the Israelis… “well, they’re just not us”. I’m a bit of an odd ball round here, because I love the Israelis. The rougher the better!

In this blog I’m going to write about many of my personal experiences.

nb. Please bear with me as I’m new to blogging. I’m not a journalist just a streetwise, rag trade girl.


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    Peter in Lazio said,

    Hi Gina, your first two posts are insightful and beautifully written. Keep it up!

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