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Gina grew up behaving herself in Golders Green. One of six children – she’s No. 4 – from a secular Jewish family in the rag trade. Her large family was a rarity amongst her peers. Her older sisters were the rebels in their teens, being carted off to Israel to meet nice Jewish boys.

Gina spent her youth hanging around Golders Green station, going to JC doos and campaigning for the release of Jews from Syria. She married her 1st proper boyfriend at 19, who she subsequently divorced 3 years later. She is now middle-aged, twice divorced and runs a designer fashion boutique. She still lives near Golders Green.


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    chairwoman said,

    Goodness Gina, you sound like a younger version of myself.

    Except I got married in my mid twenties (and married out in 1971 already).

    First generation Golders Green Station-er, grew up just off Golders Green Road, did the Jew doos, the clubs du jour et al.

    The desirable Sephardis of my youth were the Saatchi Brothers.

    I was widowed in 1999 and still live near Golders Green.

    Your blog is excellent.

    I will drop in often.

  2. 2

    chairwoman said,

    BTW I too know too many Helen’s and the rest of the lie down and take it brigade.

    I was born just after the Holocaust.

    We were a bit tougher then.

  3. 3

    Thanks Chairwoman, I intend blogging twice a week. I have enough juicy, inside material.

  4. 4

    As a former but temporary resident of Golders Green (1975-1977 as the first Betar Shaliach, at 159 which is now a hotel, I think), I recognize the milieu. Glad to read your blog.

  5. 5

    jcwmoderator said,

    Yisrael, you are right – it’s the King Solomon Hotel. I stayed there in 2003.

    • 6

      Last time there four years ago, as a guest of BBC actually, I stayed at the Croftcourt. And was amazed at the multiplicity of eating establishments and variety. In my day, there was but one rstaurant, Bloom’s, sandwiches at Grodzinsky, cakes at Keenes and Parkway and a fish place on Finchley.

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